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Welcome to the Rock Climbing zone!

Our Rock Climbing Zone is bigger and better than ever! 

With many climbing options, race against the clock and have a competition with your friends to see who is the fastest! 

Sit back, relax and enjoy something to eat and drink off our menu while your children enjoy themselves on our full contained Rock Climbing Zone.

Pricing (1 hour)

4 and under | $14
5 and over | $16
Parents join the fun | $10
Additional hour | $10

Climbing Zone rules

We want to make sure that you have the best, and safest time when you visit our Climbing Zone.

You MUST be inducted by staff before entering the climbing area.

Children under 13 are to be in constant supervision by an adult.

You must be wearing closed toe shoes to climb.

Harness must be worn and checked by a staff member before climbing.

Ensure you are using the correct auto belay for the activity.

The first time you climb, practice your decent from 2 meters to ensure you are comfortable.

Don’t pull on the auto belay before you let go.

Do not pull down on the tether at any time.

Make sure the area below is cleared before you descend.

Descend in a controlled manner.

Why not host your next birthday party in the Climbing Zone?